Consumers are being urged to send Decjuba angry postcards

Words by Rosie Macquire

Image via Decjuba

Calling for greater transparency.

Last week, Baptist World Aid Australia released its 2018 Ethical Fashion Report revealing the most and least transparent fashion brands.

After being given an F grade in the report for not participating, Melbourne-based label Decjuba decided to speak out and question Baptist World Australia’s research methods.

Talking to Ragtrader, Decjuba said the rating system is based on participation and the research team behind the report could not verify details provided by participating companies. A representative of the brand said: “We appreciate the intentions of the Baptist World Aid Guide, but also recognise it as an unregulated survey driven by the Baptist World Organisation’s own set of beliefs.

“The ratings system is based on information submitted by participating companies and the Baptist World Aid research team do not conduct site inspections to verify these details.”

Baptist World Aid Australia has now responded, launching a postcard campaign aiming to encourage Decjuba to be transparent about its policies.

Consumers can order postcards through the organisation’s site, calling on the brand to publicly disclose what it’s doing to reduce the risk of exploitation in its supply chain.

You can read the full article with Decjuba’s comments here, or learn more about the postcard campaign here.   

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