Converse and Todd Snyder have created a modern spin on ’30s classics for a new generation


For the game-changers of today.

In an unexpected turn of events, Converse’s classic take on streetwear has met a new preppy finish. Yes, that means you can now wear your Chucks to the country club (no but seriously, you can).  

All jokes aside, the new collection, inspired by Canadian world champion badminton player, Jack Purcell, offers a fresh take on the sportsman’s iconic rubber-soled shoe of the ’30s through to ’70s.

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Designed by the iconic American luxury menswear designer Todd Snyder, it’s no surprise the footwear and apparel drop combines Converse’s heritage models with a new, refined aesthetic, directly aligning with Todd’s ‘everyday-wear made luxurious’ niche. 

The sneakers themselves come in a tonal beige or navy canvas with hits of teasel suede panelling. This means no matter the occasion, the understated combo will pair with anything and everything in your wardrobe.

In saying that, it wouldn’t be a Todd Snyder creation without dabbling in the world of the unconventional, which is why a contrasting signature pop of pink makes an appearance on the lace tips. And if you’re asking me, there’s never a time pink shouldn’t be welcomed with open arms

If you’re a sucker for variation right down to the very soles of your shoes, the collection also gives you the option between a rubber gum or white sole. The best of both worlds, really. 

Now it wouldn’t be appropriate to design a collection that pays homage to a badminton icon without a polo or woollen jersey, which is why, beyond the sneakers, the range offers an apparel line featuring preppy takes on your essential white-collared shirts, joggers, crewnecks and hats. Striped accents and plaid prints abound, with Jack Purcell’s signature vintage ‘Racquet Club’ woven logos embroidered to the front.

Whether it’s courtside or the country club (or neither of these places), Converse and Todd Snyder’s range has once again seen the streetwear brand find its rightful place in the upper echelons of the footwear world. And, hopefully, on my feet. 

You can shop the entire collection here

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