Converse is dropping a collection made from secondhand jeans

Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Renew number two.

Converse is dropping another collection for its Renew initiative, this time working with what is arguably the world’s favourite textile.

Renew is all about getting creative with pre-loved materials, and Renew Denim has the same sustainability and upcycling focus as its canvas predecessor.

Denim is an ideal textile for a project like this. It’s in everyone’s closets, has a relatively consistent look and feel, and is one of the most common clothing items to end up in landfill.

This collection was initially developed four years ago by Converse employees who attempted to make sneakers from their own pre-loved jeans.

Now the brand has teamed up with UK-based vintage retailer Beyond Retro to source tens of thousands of pairs of jeans, ready to be cut up and transformed on a larger scale.

High and low-top silhouettes will be available in three wash-based colourways – light, medium and dark. But, due to the upcycled nature of the range, every single pair will be unique.

Renew Denim will be available in store and online from August 22.


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