Converse is releasing a mystery sneaker

Image by Converse
Words by Christina Karras

And only producing 96 pairs.

While the norm for a new product drop would be to leak images online to generate buzz, Converse has gone in the opposite direction.

Much like the concept of a mystery box, the brand is keeping everything about its new product completely under wraps.

Named Project 96, the concept asks shoppers text a number to obtain a special early access code. In reply, they’re given directions to a map location where they can then view and shop the sneakers in person.

It might sound like a bit of an ordeal to get your hands on sneakers you’ve never seen before, but do Converse ever really go wrong?

The brand has added to the air of exclusivity by only producing 96 pairs of the mystery design.

Project 96 will run until July 24, but the sneakers will be revealed to the public on July 25.

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