Gorman collaborates with Indigenous artists from Mangkaja Arts Centre

Words by Ruby Staley

A portion of the proceeds is donated to community development programs.

After over two years in the making, Gorman has finally announced its collaboration with the Mangkaja Arts Centre in Western Australia.

Combining forces with some of the country’s best Indigenous artists, the collaboration is the first of its kind, this collection is an important (and overdue) amalgamation of Indigenous art and modern fashion.

The Mangkaja artists to feature in the collection include; Ngarralja Tommy May, Sonia Kurarra, Daisy Japulija, Nada Tigila Rawlins and Lisa Uhl. The way each of these artists expertly use colour and pattern matches Gorman’s bright aesthetic to a tee.

Senior Mangkaja artists Lisa Uhl and Nada Rawlins have made significant contributions to the contemporary art scene in Australia, with their works being exhibited nationally and internationally. The two died before the launch of the line and their families provided Gorman with permission to include their work in the collection.

By respecting cultural protocols at each stage of the project – and even negotiating a new national benchmark in fashion licensing rights for the use of Indigenous works – the collaboration focuses on providing a platform for Indigenous artists.

Aside from the art, which is the heart and soul of the project, the Gorman x Mangkaja collaboration also encourages community involvement for Fitzroy Crossing, a remote Indigenous community in Western Australia.

Gorman will donate funds from sales of the collection to youth programs at Mangkaja Art Centre.

The collection will be launched at the Museum of Contemporary Art in NSW on August 1, and in Gorman stores and online from August 2.

The campaign imagery for the collaboration was shot on location at The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. Four of the five Mangkaja artists – Daisy Jupulija, Sonia Kurarra, Tjigila Nada Rawlins and Lisa Uhl – have works installed at the exhibition in a group show at the gallery titled, “The National 2019: New Australian Art”. All artwork and image copyright belongs to the artists and MCA.

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