Converse launches third iteration of its ‘Renew’ collection


And an exciting Earth Day initiative.

It’s Earth Day today, a day where we should all reflect on the impact we as humans are having on the planet. One of the most polluting industries in the world is fashion, so it stands to reason that as consumers, we are beginning to ask more from the brands behind the products we’re buying.

Converse is one such brand. It’s listened to consumers’ calls for more sustainable practices and a reduction in waste and has been proactive in implementing new solutions. Its Renew collection, first launched last year, marked a new chapter for the brand, as it focused on transforming discarded waste into the iconic Chuck Taylor sneaker.

As the brand launches the third iteration of its Renew collection, Renew Cotton, it’s also implementing a new process that uses 40 per cent recycled cotton canvas scraps to create a yarn that becomes the fabric of the Chuck Taylor’s canvas upper.

And to celebrate Earth Day, Converse is inviting young creatives from around the world to present ways to renew their Chuck Taylors at home using natural dyes. This is part of an ongoing initiative to source creative solutions from its audience on social media which are then used to advise its innovation team and overall strategy.

The Renew Cotton collection will be available from May 15 online and at select retailers, with prices ranging from $100 to $130 AUD.


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