Country Road’s new knitwear collection is made entirely from traceable Merino wool

Images via Country Road
Words By Anthony Graetz

Combining science and sustainability.

Country Road is committed to backing Australian farmers through its new Traceable Merino Knit winter range.

The collection is made from 100 per cent Australian Merino wool, perfect for the cooler season which is suddenly upon us.

To pull it off, Country Road has partnered with Oritain, a technology company that scientifically traces and verifies where raw fibres come from.

“For the first time in Australian history, we’re proud to not only be able to trace every fibre of this range to local farms, but to verify that every garment is made of 100 per cent Australian merino wool,” says Country Road Managing Director, Elle Roseby.

This is a big win for Australian farmers who will see their merino wool being used by a large local company.

“We’ve got an opportunity to create an amazing garment for the fashion industry and it’s coming from an animal on our farm. It’s an amazing story in terms of a natural fibre,” says Julian Von Bibra, owner of Tasmania’s Beaufront Station.

With both men’s and women’s knits, expect to get your hands on cardigans and jumpers in a range of earthy colours.

Country Road’s Traceable Merino Knit range is available in-store and online now.


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