Diet Prada releases a T-shirt dedicated to Kanye’s tiny slides

Images via Diet Prada
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Never forget.

Everybody’s favourite fashion sleuth Diet Prada has dropped a new T-shirt to immortalise an iconic Kanye West look.

After attending fellow rapper 2 Chainz’s wedding last week, Kanye once again found himself a popular topic of conversation.

But it wasn’t his mint green Louis Vuitton suit people were talking about, or the chivalrous way he carried a latex-clad Kim K to the car.

It was the pair of cushioned grey Yeezy slides he wore.

Some went after Kanye for his inappropriate footwear choice at a wedding, others his decision to pair them with socks. What most people agreed on, however, was that the slides were a size or five too small.

Now, thanks to Diet Prada, you can get your hands on a shirt to commemorate this bizarre fashion moment.

The tee features an illustration of Kanye’s feet in the slides, so you can enjoy the view of his heel hanging off the back of them from six different angles.

The Yeezy Feet T-Shirt is available here via Diet Prada’s merch store.


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