Disability-inclusive online retailer EveryHuman drops new Autumn/Winter range

Words by Tori Mathison

Because fashion should be inclusive.

Despite the disappointment of moving back into the colder months, I like to see the drop in temperature as an excuse for a bit of seasonal retail therapy. Just another great opportunity to invest in some more mohair knits and trench coats. 

As all the name brands start to introduce their winter collections, EveryHuman, Australia’s first adaptive fashion online retailer, has just dropped its new Autumn/Winter range of adaptive fashion. 

Even with the growing demand in recent years for inclusivity within the fashion industry, there still is an absence of clothing that genuinely considers the practical needs of the one in five Australians that live with disability. 

This is why EveryHuman’s beautifully designed garments are so important, featuring subtle design adjustments to ensure its clothes are as practical as they are fashionable. 

The new range features a collection of jeans, pants, jackets, boots and shirts, all including functional and considerate design elements, with features like an elasticated waist designed for a seated position, magnetic closures, as well as one-handed zippers for shoes. 

Too often mainstream labels neglect to consider the accessibility and comfortability of their clothes for the entire spectrum of the clothing market, and EveryHuman does an incredible job of closing the gap between fashion and functionality. 


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