A comprehensive power ranking of the Jacquemus SS20 campaign shots


A very important list.

Soooo in case you missed it, cult French label Jacquemus released a new campaign over the weekend. Shot by Pierre-Ange Carlotti over Facetime (a growing trend), it features both Bella Hadid and Euphoria star Barbie Ferreira in new season Jacquemus and – more excitingly – in various states of undress.

The pair are glorious in it. It’s been four days since the campaign was released, and both Bella and Barbie are still prominent features on my IG feed as friends and acquaintances continue to share the images.

By now you’ve probably seen the shots in all their airy, vibrant glory. But you’ve probably not yet read a power ranking of each of the poses. So, much like Rosie Waterland used to rank The Bachelor (RIP), here we put a Fashion Journal spin on that article format.

May I present your Jacquemus Campaign Image Power Ranking.

1. Bella Hadid smiling in a photo for the first time ever?

Taking away the number one slot is the image you’ve probably seen the most. And I know you’re probably thinking I’m boring for including it in pole position. However, it’s not for the most obvious reason that I don’t even need to state but I will for the journalistic rule of clarity (Bella’s underboob). No friends, it’s instead because I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen Bella Hadid smile like that. She is vibrant and fresh and I want to see more of her doing just this. Idc whether she has underboob or not.

2. Pure, fresh-faced Barbie 

My insides honestly light up when I see this photo, and I can’t quite put my finger on why. Could it be the little slip of tongue poking through her teeth? The undeniable twinkle of joy in her left (our right) eye? The gelato colours of the ribbed tee? The slight damp of her hair and glow of her skin that looks like she’s just stepped out of the shower? It’s serving me everything I want to feel in iso.

3. A pleasantly surprising Barbie

Again, delightful. Barbie looks like she’s jumped out of a birthday cake to tell someone they’re going for a weekend at the beach. Or like someone expected to see a chihuahua in their handbag, but Barbie jumped out to delight them instead. I am also here for the soft curl behind her ear, it brings a level of undone-ness we never see from high fashion campaigns and that we deserve more of.

4. A very dressy Barbie

Barbie again (sorry), but I am loving this shot, mostly because this is the type of dress I adore, always want to buy, but only ever see on rake-thin models. I typically would never bring myself to buy something like this online, for fear it would cling in all the wrong places. Evidently, it doesn’t. Thank you to Barbie and Simon for showing me the light.

5. Bella, nude, with a bag and clog  

A little lockdown was never going to stop Bella Hadid doing what Bella Hadid does best – glaring and pouting. She gets bonus points here for highly strategic placement of all her limbs and because of the rehash of this image on @thebigbagclub.

6. Barbie channelling her inner Kat

When I finally binge-watched Euphoria over the weekend and saw Barbie camgirling, this is the Barbie I really wanted to see. She looks as though she’s been caught in a joyful moment, like her nipple slipped out and Pierre-Ange Carlotti laughed and she laughed and they both revelled in pure delight.

7. Bella in a bodysuit with very crimped hair

These two images tie at number seven (still high on the Bella ranks) for reasons that can be put down to Bella’s hair, primarily. Her early 2000s crimp is prominent throughout the campaign, but here it serves up a new level of frizz. It calls into question why the crimp is making a comeback when it makes hair appear dry and frazzled. However, while we’re all stuck in iso, why not experiment with new hairstyles? It’s also been bumped up the ranks for the garment it showcases. Ribbed polos are huge right now, and this one moonlighting as a high cut bodysuit has cemented this look at a firm number seven.

8. Someone (??) through the water glass

I’m not even sure who this is, to be honest. The inverted water face looks like Bella, but the outfit and hair could also be Barbie? Pierre-Ange shot both beauties in the same look (see rank 9), so I guess we may never know. I suspect it may be a creative trick played by Pierre-Ange, bringing this look up to a firm number eight for its ingenuity. We don’t expect this level of trickery from a FaceTime-shot, low-fi campaign, but Pierre-Ange has done a great job to elevate this to high-level Jacquemus.

9. The twins

Here are the looks, which rank equally at nine.

10. The one you’ve never seen before

This is the campaign shot you didn’t know existed. I swear I’ve never seen it before, which is why I’m including it here. It loses points for Bella’s expression, which is a little scary movie-esque, but I’m loving the Eckhaus Latta-style pants, and the fact that we get a preview of what I can only assume is her house and, possibly, her wardrobe. Those look like shoes lined up against the back wall, no?

11. Bella looking like something not from planet Earth

Everyone may fight me on this, wondering why such an ICONIC shot is at number 11. I hear you, but I don’t care. We know Bella is stunning, so not much is new here. Admittedly, however, the linear composition in this shoot is really technically beautiful. Plus, Bella has pushed that straw tote and (fishing net?) to within an inch of her modesty, so we’ve got to give her bonus points for talent.

12. Bubblegum Bella 

This shot is everything nine-year-old me wanted to be as she watched Tamara Jaber in Popstars. The bubblegum pink. The funky glasses. The triangle halter. Bella’s slicked hair and angling in dappled sunlight brings this shot firmly into 2020 and lands it at number 10.

13. The not super exciting one

Eh, Bella looks nice. What’s new.

14. The closer

Barbie is heaven and looks like she’s just come off the beach with a slight sheen of sweat, which is a vibe we all need a bit of right now. But I feel that, of the bunch, this shot is the weakest. Beautiful, but largely unexciting.

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