Dolce & Gabbana gets called out for ripping off Diet Prada merch

Image via Diet Prada/Farfetch
Words by Tara Smith

The feud that keeps on giving.

In an interesting turn of events, Diet Prada has called out Dolce & Gabbana for copying one of its own designs.

But before we go into all the details, we need to trace back to the origins of this story to determine how it all came about.

Back in October, Diet Prada accused Dolce & Gabbana of copying Gucci in a now-infamous Instagram post. Stefano Gabbana, co-founder of the brand, did not take this accusation lightly. In fact, he responded by calling Diet Prada ‘idiots’, demanded an apology and started the hashtag #PleaseSaySorryToMe.

Of course, Diet Prada then went on to make a T-shirt emblazoned with the very same hashtag, which brings us all up to speed.

Now, Dolce & Gabbana has released a parody of Diet Prada’s T-shirt, at 12 times the price. Also brandishing the phrase ‘Please Say Sorry 2 Me’, the T-shirt is the fashion equivalent of adding a drum of petrol to a raging fire.

While Stefano is yet to respond to the Instagram post, you can check it out below.

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