ASOS launches circular design training program

Image via ASOS
Words by Tara Smith

Keep it up.

Following on from last week’s mohair ban, ASOS is launching a sustainable training program for its designers.

The program, which is part of ASOS’ commitment to more sustainable practices, will see core team members complete a series of workshops, discussions and sessions. Created in partnership with London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion, the course will delve into concepts, case studies and applications of circular design.

The pilot stage of the program is said to have launched this month, with 15 team members exploring the design concepts. Once the initial pilot is complete, it will roll out across all ASOS design departments.

“With this pilot we’re making sure our designers have the knowledge and skills they need to put sustainability and circularity into practice,” said ASOS design director, Vanessa Spence.

“It’s a vital step on our journey to designing products with circularity in mind right from the start, which will ensure that they are made responsibly, remain in use for as long as possible once they’re sold, and don’t cause unnecessary waste at the end of their lives.”

Keep it up, ASOS.


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