How to dress for Derby Day, according to SABA

Nail your look.

Derby Day is almost here and, despite the constraints placed on us by the black-and-white dress code, we still feel overwhelmed at the prospect of narrowing down an outfit. After all, when everyone is wearing the same colour, the pressure to stand out triples.

To help us nail our sartorial choices, we picked the brains of SABA’s general manager of product, Elisha Hopkinson.

Here’s what she had to say about dressing for the day.

What key trends can we expect to see trackside this year?

For 2018, it’s all about statement jumpsuits, one-shoulder detailing, and the masculine power suit. What we’re loving about this season is that a lot of trends can be easily reinvented post-races – like our Milano skirt, which can be pared back with a classic white shirt for the office, or a tee and sneakers for the weekend.

With everyone wearing black and white, do you have any tips for standing out among the crowd?

Make sure you choose an outfit that is a statement style, that’s also comfortable and fits you perfectly. There’s a lot of walking and the days are long, so you want to make sure you’re looking and feeling your best throughout the entire day.

We also love empowering women and the tailored pantsuit does this. For a truly bold Derby Day look that’s sure to turn heads, opt for a matching pantsuit in all-white.

What SABA pieces would you recommend for the Cup Carnival this year?

This Spring Racing season, our Liana Lace Dress in Red Plum is my pick. The geometric lace adds an element of edginess, while the deep plum keeps it feminine. I also love a more masculine power suit in a ladylike colour – our Celeste Wool Suit in Musk is perfect.

For Derby Day, it’s all about black and white. SABA has an entirely black and white capsule this season, with Milano pieces such as our Milly Milano dress and twin sets, as well as my favourite, the Dharma jumpsuit.

What’s the secret to nailing a monochrome look?

Don’t have too much going on. Choose one element of your outfit to be the statement and then make sure everything else supports it.

Any styles to avoid?

It’s always important to adhere to the race-day dress code. Make sure to embrace the rules but do it with a modern slant. Keep it classic and sophisticated and you’ll truly make an impact without any major fashion faux pas.

Any do’s or don’ts when opting for a look that’s completely black and white?

Don’t take yourself too seriously! It’s all about having fun so play around with different styles and trends and find a look that you feel comfortable in.


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