Everything you need to know about WTF is happening with Dolce & Gabbana right now

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*Takes deep breath*

UPDATE: Net-A-Porter has confirmed it will pull Dolce & Gabbana from its platforms. See more here.

Things have gone from bad to worse for Dolce & Gabbana, since it was slammed for a racist Chinese ad campaign yesterday.

In the midst of Diet Prada call-outs, questionable DMs and boycotts from Chinese models and celebrities, the brand was forced to cancel its first-ever runway show in Shanghai (which had been dubbed the ‘Great Fashion Show’).

Confused? We don’t blame you. To get you up to speed, here’s everything you need to know. And the screenshots to go with it.

Two days ago

News emerges of a three-part (since deleted) video series which D&G shared on the Chinese social media platform Weibo over the weekend. Shortly after being called out by many Weibo users for racism, Diet Prada shares the video and labels it ‘hella offensive’. More on that here.

21 hours ago

Instagram user @michaelatranova sends screenshots of alleged DMs with Stefano Gabbana to Diet Prada. In the screenshot, Gabbana appears to go on a wildly racist rant, which includes tidbits like “China Ignorant Dirty Smelling Mafia”.


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As @dolcegabbana prepares to mount their next runway show in Shanghai this coming evening (7:30PM) and the rest of Instagram fawns over what’s sure to be an overly lavish “love letter” to China, we’ll be wondering if we’ll see chopsticks as hair ornaments, take-out boxes as purses, or even kimonos misappropriated as Chinese costume. Time will tell. For now, we’ll let y’all simmer on this DM between Stefano and Dieter @michaelatranova (chronology is reversed in slides). Word has it that they’re still in the process of model casting (over 200 Asian girls scheduled)…wouldn’t let them walk the show if we were their agents lol. Also, curious what the Chinese government will think of their country being called shit basically…especially considering how strict they are on who to allow to enter the country on work visas based on a thorough social media background checks. • #DGTheGreatShow #DGlovesChina #runway #fashionshow #cancelled #racism #dolceandgabbana #altamoda #rtw #dgmillennials #stefanogabbana #shanghai #chinese #china #wtf #dumb #lame #asianmodel #asian #dietprada

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22 hours ago

Amid a series of Instagram Stories detailing his preparation for The Great Show, Gabbana’s account re-posts a screenshot of his alleged conversation with @michaelatranova. In the repost, he doesn’t make any mention of his account being hacked (as he will do a few hours later).

19 hours ago

Shortly after Diet Prada releases the DMs, user @anthxnyxo posts screenshots of more alleged messages with the @dolceandgabbana IG account. In these DMs, the D&G account accuses @anthxnyxo of reporting them to Diet Prada, also saying “ni hao stupid bye”.

Diet Prada shares alleged news that Chinese modelling agencies have begun to pull their models out of The Great Show. A number of Chinese celebrities also announce they won’t be attending the show. These include actor Kun Chen and Zhang Ziyi, the latter of which releases a statement saying she will no longer purchase any D&G products.

18 hours ago

Dolce & Gabbana release a statement via Instagram claiming its account, and the IG account of Stefano Gabbana have been hacked. Stefano Gabbana also claims he has been hacked, however at the time of writing, he still has not removed the IG Story of his DM conversation (above).

Chinese models booked for The Great Show begin sharing images of themselves on Weibo with the caption ‘not me’, after quitting the show. According to a Weibo post by the verified account FashionModels, over 100 models pull out.

17 hours ago

Diet Prada announces The Great Show has been cancelled by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Shanghai. The news is seemingly confirmed by reports from WWD and Business of Fashion. According to the Business of Fashion, the tag #DGTheGreatShowCancelled has been read over 540 million times on Weibo. At the time of writing, Dolce & Gabbana is trending in Weibo’s ‘Hot Search’.


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You saw it here first! What an interesting few hours spent wreaking havoc on @dolcegabbana ’s ill-fated #DGTheGreatShow while sitting on our couch juuling and eating gelato (not with chopsticks) lol. Thank you to @michaelatranova @helenatranova @anthxnyxo for sharing their DMs and to all the Chinese Dieters who furiously updated us with translations by the minute. For anyone that believes their account was actually hacked, see slide #2 of Stefano reposting the same DM on his stories before shit hit the fan. Oh the irony of him loving to cry “fake news” and promptly dishing it out himself via his and the brand IG account. Check our story highlight “#DGTheShitShow” for the full recap. • #DGTheGreatShow #DGlovesChina #runway #fashionshow #cancelled #racism #dolceandgabbana #altamoda #rtw #dgmillennials #stefanogabbana #shanghai #chinese #china #wtf #dumb #lame #asianmodel #asian #dietprada

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16 hours ago

Diet Prada shares an image allegedly showing the mess left backstage at The Great Show. The account also reports rumours that over 200 employees were held at The Great Show’s venue for four hours for a government investigation. According to rumours, the brand will part ways with Stefano Gabbana.

The Weibo account FashionModels also panders to rumours Gabbana is leaving the brand. Note the below post has been translated by Google.

10 hours ago

Dolce & Gabbana releases a second statement via Instagram confirming the show’s cancellation and calling the situation “very unfortunate.” In the comments section, multiple users accuse the brand of deleting their comments.


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More on this as it comes.

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