Fashion Boundary is the online retailer focused on slow, stylish and sustainable products

The new online retailer focused on supporting emerging designers and independent labels.

Online marketplace Fashion Boundary has just launched its first in-house capsule collection, a layered, nature-inspired range called Pure Mirror.

The platform was founded to push independent, ethically-minded labels into the global market, which can often be a near-impossible hurdle for smaller brands and designers.

Focused on beautifully designed, niche pieces, the website offers both retail services and opportunities for designers to promote themselves and their stories.

Its ‘Brand Stories’ and ‘Designer Talks’ pages feature profiles and interviews from labels across clothing, swimwear, accessories and more.

For the Pure Mirror collection, Fashion Boundary teamed up clothing label Thou Art. The duo was inspired by Australia’s own landscape, particularly the earthy colours found at Uluru.   

This palette and the rocky textures of the sacred Indigenous landmark were then combined with references pulled from architecture, music and film. The result is a balance between modern silhouettes and traditional design techniques, with an emphasis on layering and draping.

Fashion Boundary’s first capsule collection is available to shop online now and is also offered wholesale to global department stores, boutiques and online retailers.

Any designers looking to be featured on the platform or retailers interested in stocking Pure Mirror are encouraged to contact the brand directly.


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