A look at KITX

Kit Willow’s first ethically-conscious collection has got us sprung.

Kit Willow’s latest namesake line, KITX, is as good for the earth as our eco-venti cups. And the compilation of luxury fabrics and dreamy hues leave little to the imagination.

We all want to do our part for the planet, and now we can while looking damn good. Kit has cleverly weaved together a combination of organic cottons, hand woven silks, hemp and positive impact materials, and has been sure to look after our planet while doing it. 

Featuring zips produced from recycled bottles and buttons made of vegetable ivory, KITX has lit up the eyes of style-setters and planet-lovers alike. And we are swooning over the Japanese organic cotton like no one else’s business.

After decade-long popularity in the industry, Kit sure has her finger on the pulse of what we want to wear. “I strongly believe in a better world though the simple mantra of making women look and feel beautiful without harming our precious planet. Everyone can win,” the sustainable seamstress said. 

After showing capsule No.1 at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year, we are waiting in awe for the line’s July release. It’s sure to rock our organic socks.


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