Acler is one new label you are seriously going to love

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Well here’s a label you’re going to love.

Introducing Australian fashion newcomer Acler, launching in July 2015. It’s an attempt by designers Kathryn Forth and Julia Ritorto to provide some creative clarity to design, amidst the mass-produced, cookie-cutter digital designs that they see so often in fashion today.

Acler wants its pieces to take on a natural form, making shapes that are organic yet sculptural and unusual. Each piece undergoes an extensive construction process being redrafted and redraped along the way, so as to create a flawless fit against the body.

The debut Spring/Summer ’15 collection looks at the different styles of the co-designers, to juxtapose structured femininity with undulating androgyny. The result? Perfection.

Think superb attention to detail, subtle paint brush-pattern detailing, high structured turtlenecks, clean cut blazers and Japanese style layering. Acler features lustrous Italian embossing, textured Korean acetate blends, raw cut edges and origami inspired strips of fabric that wrap around the body. Black and white dominate the colour palette, however vibrant ‘daffodil’ yellow and soft ‘seaport’ blue are also in the mix. 

Taking it all in – the texture, the drape and the design – is seriously overwhelming, with each piece as beautiful as the next. Day or night, if you’re looking for effortless versatility or wanting to make a statement, this one is something to get excited about. 

The Acler website is still under construction but their Instagram is worth checking out.

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