Coreprêt threw an office party to celebrate the release of its debut collection

An ethical collaboration between RMIT grad’s Nessie Croft and Gabrielle Leavesley.

RMIT graduates Nessie Croft and Gabrielle Leavesley have collaborated on a new label, Coreprêt. 

The duo have combined their passion for ethical fashion practice and waste reduction to create an innovative work model. 

Using old up-cycled textiles, unused factory surplus and organic fibres, Coreprêt promises to be a refreshing addition to a fast-fashion oriented industry. 

Coreprêt’s first body of work was presented at an ‘office party’ at the Stables, but we have enough pictures to make you feel as though you were there too. 

Limited pieces have been released to reduce wastage, and generate sentimentality for more thoughtful items. 

The brand’s website is launching soon, but in the meantime have a peruse of Corepret’s instagram


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