Crushing on Bassike AW15

Welcome back Winter.

It’s heartbreaking to bid Summer farewell, but the cold seasons aren’t so bad when it comes to dressing well.

Bassike’s Autumn/Winter collection this year features a cool, crisp palette of slouchy viscose and knit pieces for both men and women.

Wardrobe must-haves, including long coats, long jackets, long dresses and long skirts (which we saw plenty of in the VAMFF shows), appear extensively throughout the women’s collection.

At the same time, men’s is equally cool, keeping it classy with loose but structured shirts and sweaters, without forgetting some trendy tracks and slacks.

Winter doesn’t seem so terrifying after all, especially since we get to have hot chocolate and marshmallows back in our daily lives.

Check out Bassike’s full AW15 catalogue here.

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