VAMFF Independence Runway Presented by Oyster

A hard act to follow.

With a line-up reading as an A-List of Australia’s independent talents, last night’s Indepents Runway Presented by Oyster was bound to be good. Yet even with high expectations, we were blown away.

STRATEAS.CARLUCCI proved their place as Australian fashion heavyweights, delivering a strong, modern and entirely considered collection. Those unprepared to bear more striking silhouettes (evident especially in menswear), found solace in more wearable pieces, such as leather jackets and tailored shirts. The collection was also a first for the designers, as they ventured into the realm of colour, featuring a deep burgundy in an otherwise entirely monochrome range.

It was a hard act to follow, but with a line-up featuring finalists (and the winner) of this year’s National Designer Award, it proved an easy feat. Celeste Tesoriero, Elissa McGowan, Salasai, Emma Mulholland, Dress Up and Pageant each delivered street-ready collections, mixing statement pieces (read, Emma Mulholland) with more understated styles.

Australiana was an overt theme, weaving its way throughout the runway in prints, embellishment and more subtly, lines. 

Bonus points go out to whoever curated the soundtrack and chose to end with George Michael, Freedom. You can’t possibly have a bad show when George Michael is involved.


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