Inside Outside’s ‘Walk Through a Door’ collection

Versatility, functionality and practicality with a big dash of style.

With great emphasis on sustainable fibres and practices, Inside Outside has a strong aesthetic. Versatility, functionality and practicality are a clear, integral part of Martha Poggioli’s label with a big dash of style.  

Creating hard-working clothes with the hard-working girl in mind, Martha wants you to inhabit her clothes and collect memories while wearing her newest collection, Walk Through a Door.

Architecturally inspired, she creates the ultimate housing for our bodies. Using Australian made and woven wool, hemp, Fair Trade organic cotton and silks, you can be assured of the thoughtfulness that’s been put into each garment and process. 

Everything is made in-house, including the buttons which are made from porcelain, and raku ceramics add to it’s handmade appeal. 

You can find Inside Outside’s newest collection, Walk Through a Door, at Kinobi and Milly Sleeping




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