Introducing: Black Arrow Candles

Fragrances for all types of people.

Founded by a husband and wife duo (who are rather hilarious), Black Arrow produces a whole new level of scarily delicious candles with scents that cater for all types.

Their latest collection Wild is suited for more ‘jump-off-a-cliff-with-a-parachute-to-save-a-basket-full-of-kittens-in-distress’ kind of people, including fragrances such as Pine Forest and White Tea and Berries (yum).

If you’re more of an ‘I-like-my-feet-firmly-planted-on-the-ground-and-prefer-binging-on-tv-shows’ kind of person like us, there are three other collections that may tickle your fancy.

Black Arrow Candles are eco-friendly, made from 100% soy wax and plant extracts and available in a wide selection of delicious fragrances.

“Good for you, good for the Earth and good for our animal friends.”

Can’t resist.


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