Kitte Accoutrement drops jewellery collection ‘Ivy + Insignia’

Juxtaposing concepts of delicate and tough.

Kitte Accoutrement’s latest jewellery collection, Ivy + Insignia, takes inspiration from childhood memories of trickling creeks, mossy paths, overgrown ivy and twisted vines of the Dandenong Ranges.

Adding the ‘Insignia’ component, designer Kitte wanted to focus on alternate forms of adornment, inspired by military accoutrement and antique furniture trims.

As the mind behind the label, Cockerell has a strong focus on producing timeless, theatrical pieces of jewellery that explore juxtaposing concepts of delicate and tough.

This collection features a range of gold, rose gold and silver, favouring ivy details and fine woodland-inspired designs.

Kitte Accoutrement reads earthy subtelty and femininity. 


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