Male genitalia has made yet another appearance on a Fashion Week runway

Fashion continues its full-frontal display.

There’s a definite trend emerging from the fashion week runs of 2015 and it has us more than a little unsettled. After Rick Owens gave us all quite a hello at his Fall ’15 show in January, male genitalia has made yet another appearance on the runway, albeit this time a little less graphic. The culprit? Christopher Kane.

Last night Kane sent a procession of dresses down the runway at his London Fashion Week show, splashed in illustrations of naked male and female bodies and featuring – you guessed it – the whole meat and two veg.

But he didn’t stop there. proceeding down the runway came a naked couple embracing, followed by images of intertwined figures, seemingly engaged in an orgy. 

Perhaps this is a counter to the #freethenipple movement, perhaps it’s a bid for equality or perhaps its the age old trick of shock value equals press. Either way, we’re not too sure about this one. It’s not that we have any objections to the male form, but can we please keep some things sacred?

Images via Style.com

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