Pick Up Your Accessories Game With Dark Horse Jewellery

More is more! Make room in your jewellery box ASAP.

One look at the new arrivals from Louise Jean, Sarina Suriano and Amber Sceats at The Dark Horse Jewellery and you’ll be wanting to pick up your A game – Accessories, that is. Whether you’re looking for dainty, minimalist or bold, there really is a ring for every finger.

If delicate and ethically sourced is your thing, you’ll be a big admirer of Louise Jean. Established in 2013, each piece is entirely handmade by partners Louise and James. Using sustainable materials where possible, each piece is functional and sentimental and made with love in their Brisbane home studio.

Want jewellery with a statement? Look no further than Sarina Suriano. The first jewellery designer in history to be offered an individual show at Australian Fashion Week, the label blends Sydney designer Sarina Suriano’s technical design skills with a love of fashion. Her latest collection is glamorous, unique and deliciously extravagant. WIth this brand, more is definitely more!

Finally, if heritage, minimalism and abstract are more your style, Amber Sceats’ latest offerings are for you. Following in her grandfather’s footsteps (he founded one of Australia’s most prominent watch companies) Amber Sceats and her mother Jeanette created the label in Sydney in 2012. Each piece boasts unlimited quality and versatility, with a subtle and distinct sense of style and glamour. 


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