Sibling Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

Pink is more than just a colour.

Sibling’s collection for Fall/Winter 2015 looks like the lovechild of a liquorice allsort, Yayoi Kusama and every Harajuku girl ever. 

The pink-dominated collection showcased the London label’s fanciful vision, as nylon scarves, giant knitted teddybears and Cruella Deville-esque pink-feathered jackets made their way down the runway. 

The catwalk was a spectacle at the very least, showcasing a marvelous convergence of fashion, costume design and showmanship.

Aside from a few crinkled paper resembling khaki looks (one with its own attached paper teddybear), the collection was entirely a cascade of vivid shades of pink with the occasional contrasting black.

Despite the potential for such a collection to border on the absurd, Sibling pulled it off with an impressive level of stylistic considerations. Whilst you might be hard pressed to find a piece you could wear to the supermarket, the unique designs, attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship cement this collection as nothing short of amazing. 




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