You can now buy Unicorn Tears Pink Gin, whatever that is

Unicorn Tears Pink Gin

Words by Tara Smith


Why buy ordinary gin when you can indulge in Unicorn Tears pink gin?

UK-based lifestyle brand Firebox has released a line of shimmery pink gin. It claims to be a ‘mythical spirit’ infused with the ‘seductive tears of lovesick unicorns’. We’re not sure how or where you source and distil unicorn tears, but it sounds delicious.

The gin has a subtly-sweet taste, with a signature iridescent shimmer to make it extra sparkly.

While it only arrives in a miniature size of 50ml, you can get your hands on a 500ml bottle of the brand’s original clear gin.

Unfortunately, the pink gin isn’t currently shipping to Australia, but here’s a few you can shop right now instead.


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