Stolen Girlfriends Club Verbal Warning 2014

Mashing workwear, safety wear and sportswear, Stolen Girlfriends Club’s Verbal Warning collection brings the factory to the street.

With a mood-board that began with a collection of safety icons and messages usually decorating a typical factory, it’s little wonder why the Stolen Girlfriends Club’s Verbal Warning 2014 collection has a rather industrial feel to it. With a sense of protection and safety-wear throughout, the collection plays on the fact that every mass corporation relies on their own wardrobe-tiering systems from the suit-wearing group in upper-management through to the the more safety-conscious team taking care of despatch in the warehouse. With graphics including cardboard and packaging, masses of electrical wires, tone-on-tone embroidered badges along with black duct-tape and high vis the collection a little psychotic and a little bit beautiful. Along with the nifty graphics, the New Zealand brand used fabrics such as bleached denim and coated nylon, Verbal Warning is a collection bringing the factory to the street.


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