Suku Home’s latest campaign speaks to us on a spiritual level


Didn’t feel like getting dressed this morning?

Prefer to lounge around in your PJs all day?

Same. Which is why Suku’s latest Zen campaign speaks to us on a spiritual level.

The label creates pieces that bridge the gap between daywear and loungewear, offering staples that translate easily to both.

Silky PJ sets, jumpsuits and kimonos all form the collection which is now available in four new prints.

Inspired by natural landscapes, the latest campaign introduces new dresses, tees and matching sets in desert, moon, ripple and sunset prints.

The result is a collection cool enough to wear to bed AND Sunday brunch. Tell us that isn’t a total win.

The label also offers bed linen and quilts in the same matching prints, so you can co-ordinate your loungewear with your bed sheets. Goddamn.

Soon, the label is joining forces with No Order Market in the Melbourne CBD, meaning you can shop for loungewear goodies IRL too.

You can check out the retail space in October, until then you can continue PJ shopping from the comfort of your own (matching) bed.

It’s the little things in life.


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