The Blade Runner: Ving Ming debuts men’s footwear

Yep, they’re for guys.

Self-confessed designer label with an “Avante-Garde” spirit Ving Ming has debuted its premier range of men’s footwear, The Blade Runner.

Inspired by the armour plating of medieval knights and drawing elements of science fiction and the orient, the two-piece collection features a futuristic and architectural silhouette in either black or pewter. 

It’s the first we’ve seen of this calibre of men’s footwear, with metallics, cutouts and heel platforms traditionally reserved for the ladies. Yet thick straps, broad shapes and a squared off toe subtly retain an inherent manliness, while lambskin lining and handmade features ensure the label retains its inherent luxury.

The range can be ordered from tomorrow at the Ving Ming online store.


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