Tom-Boi launches for Aussie women

Unleash your inner Boi.

Clarita Farrugia birthed Tom-Boi out of frustration at the fashion industry’s gender specific clothing. The brand draws its inspiration from men’s clothing, but is made for women’s body shapes.

Tom-Boi are kicking off with an underwear line that is traditionally classified as ‘boys’ cuts, which will eventually lead into a wider range of casual and office wear as well as accessories.

Farrugia claims she’s always preferred and worn boys clothing, but also understands the struggle a lot of women feel when it came to the right fit.

The underwear range is ideal for active lifestyles and come in an array of bright colours. But most importantly they’re comfortabe, put together with a breathable material, have no tag to poke and irritate you, boast a smooth waistband, and to top it off, they’re flat stitched to make you extremely comfy.

And it gets better, 50% of the profits made from Tom-Boi go back into Share Tree, which in turn helps fund other start up business, and is also invested in socially responsible projects globally.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Tom-Boi on.



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