Ichi Knee makes jewellery good enough to eat

Eats turned earrings.

Good enough to eat, Ichi Knee has got every Japanese lover set. Ichi Knee is the brainchild of Grace Tankard and with help of Japanese artisans has cooked up her favorite eats up for us in the form of earrings.

All the delectable must-haves are covered, from edamame, naruto, ongiri, cucumber sushi, tuna sushi, pancakes, lotus root and even a cute lil dumpling ready to hang from your hungry lobe. With angular, unique hooks we’re hooked.

The edamame texture is spot on and the dumpling will have you craving for a fix for the rest of the week. For those who want to try everything, you can mix and match as earrings are sold individually or in a surprise pack of 3. Yum!

Nibble on your very own pair here

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