Tune in with Mimco X Frends headphones

Now this is a collab to get excited about.

Mimco have teamed up with US headphones brand, Frends to launch a feminine range of five unique headphones.

Marrying the premium acoustics of Frends with the creative style vision of Mimco, these headphones fall into that rare category of products that are both practical and stylish.
The collab features slimmer silhouettes for a more refined fit, angled ear cushions that allow them to be worn over earrings and a collapsible design that easily slips into an evening clutch.
Of course what’s really going to make you go out and get yourself a pair of these babies are the designs. Mimco’s signature and unmistakable aesthetics are draped all over the headphones. Reminiscent of the label’s luxurious jewellery and clutches, the headphone caps come in five distinct designs, including a zebra striped pantomime gold, monogramania gold and rose and a lunar petrol blue, which couples iridescent metallic finishing with an obtruded array of pearls to finish.
What’s more, all the caps are removable, meaning you can interchange the designs depending on your mood or diverging musical preferences.

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