XXXtian by Christian Louboutin and Dita Von Teese

A match made in sultry-heaven.

Dita Von Teese and Christian Louboutin have teamed up to create one undeniably sexy line of lingerie. And honestly, we couldn’t think of a better collaboration for making undergarments.

The collection, signalling the first foray into lingerie from the legendary French designer, highlights the perfect fusion of provocativeness and class (though only a touch).

Featuring silk-laden bodices, suspenders and an alluring kimono, the amorous influences of burlesque’s queen are more than evident in the collection. 

The limited-edition capsule line holds only seven items, all adorned in bounds of lace and a suggestive toile de Jouy patterning reminiscent of some of Louboutin’s most iconic shoes and clutches. 

The title of XXXtian is set to reflect the erotic nature of the collection, which was apparently not already blazingly apparent.

Sadly for Australians, the collection will be sold exclusively in Europe by French e-retailer, Glamuse

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