5 movies we hope will have sequels in 2016

Twice the fun.

We love a movie sequel as much as the next person. Bridget Jones’ Diary Two, Spy Kids Two, Scary Movie Two, Three, Four and Five; the list goes on.  

But when it comes to a sequel, if not handled correctly, the results can be detrimental. Not only can they ruin the happy feels from the first movie, but they often leave us with more unanswered questions than solved ones.

Although there are many sequels we are still recovering from, there’s still a lot we’d like to see. Some have unanswered questions, some have cast members we would just love to see reprise their roles and some are just damn good.

1. The Parent Trap

One of our childhood favourites, the story of Hallie and Annie is a classic. British Lindsay Lohan meets American Lindsay Lohan at summer camp, they realise they are long lost twin sisters then spend entire movie concocting schemes to rekindle their parents’ relationship to become a family once more. But what happens after the curtains close? Does the family uproot to London to continue Elizabeth James’ thriving wedding dress designing career? Or do they move to Napa Valley and settle on the vineyard? What about Sammy the dog? What about Chessie and the Butler? These are the questions that keep us up at night.

2. The Shawshank Redemption

This baby is voted the number one movie on IMDB’s all-time list and we tend to agree with this rating. While we are left with the conclusion of Andy and Red successfully out of jail, presumably with enough cash to last a lifetime, we think a sequel is in order. Surely Red has capitalised on his Morgan Freeman voice with a career in radio or even become the town’s notorious “man who can get things.” Andy, on the other hand, we imagine would become the town financier under his pseudonym, helping those around the island with their accounts and taxes. This is something we need to see.

3. 50 First Dates

This movie is annoying on so many levels. I cannot even digress into the amount of questions I had when it ended and the credits began to roll. While we have no qualms with a blonde Drew Barrymore and any movie set in Hawaii, how is the narrative at all possible? A sequel would hopefully be a simple Q and A with the director and a medical professional specialising in this type of memory-loss disorder. It would follow the lives of Henry, Lucy and their daughter as audience members could ask questions such as: ‘What happens at midnight, does her brain automatically clock over and forget the events of the night before? What if she is out somewhere at midnight?’ Someone please answer these.

4. Inception

I almost wouldn’t mind a sequel of this movie for the eye candy alone: Leonardo Di Caprio, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, need I continue? However, as with many Christopher Nolan films, the final scene (and entire movie) had us right on the edge of our seats. We are left wondering if the film’s entire resolution was part of a dream or not. While many dedicated fans have theorised the conclusion, there will always be debate and speculation. A sequel of Inception would help me sleep better at night, knowing the answer to one of life’s greatest unanswered questions.

5. Mean Girls

Now this one is obvious. Although there has been one somewhat pathetic attempt at a Mean Girls sequel, we feel Tina Fey should reprise her role as writing and acting extraordinaire to create a script to end all scripts. We don’t want some D-List actors playing the next generation of It Girls. We want the OG cold, shiny, hard plastics. Perhaps a high school reunion, comprised of Asian Nerds, cool Asians, Mathletes, Unfriendly Black Hotties etcetera etcetera. Maybe a field trip to Africa where Cady takes them on a wild safari, teaching them about the native culture. On second thought, forget Tina Fey, I think I should just write the script because my ideas are pure gold.



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