7 things I learnt from my first ever fashion week

A rookie’s guide.

Having recently started a brand new job as a fashion editor, last week saw me attend my first ever fashion week.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d been to shows before. I started as a super-keen teenager forging out the cash to sit in the back row, before scoring a gig at Fashion Journal and reporting sporadically from the sidelines. 

But this year, as a full-blown editor, I scored a ticket to every single day of the festival. It was wild, exhuasting, glamorous and fun, and everything I expected it to be. I also learnt a thing or two (or seven, to be more exact).

1. Low profile = snobby, high profile = sweet

It’s strange. The most famous attendees (read: Nia from Dance Moms) will always be super nice to you, while those a little lower on the blogger chain can act like total snobs. Maybe they’re trying to prove something? Just don’t take it to heart when you spot that blogger with 12k Instagram followers and she acts like she’s better than you. Because she’s really not.

2. NOBODY should be allowed to wear a hat

I had one beautiful blogger sitting on my left who was super sweet, but I literally COULD NOT SEE A THING BEHIND HER WIDE BRIM HAT. People, be nice. Don’t wear a hat.

3. Front row is a million times better than any other

I hate to say it but it’s true. If you can sneak your way into the front row at least once in your lifetime, do it. 

4. It doesn’t matter how glamorous you think you look, you’ll be sitting next to someone more glamorous

It could be Murphy’s Law or it could be that all the bloggers, models and celebs are forking out for a team of professionals to make them look good. I’m talking hairdresser, make up artist, nail technician, stylist (the works). Tbh I’d rather put that cost towards a new bag, right?

5. Pleats do not travel well

Pleats are so huge this season (spotted in almost every single show), but one thing that was shriekingly obvious from last week was that they should never be put in a suitcase. Even TOME, currently renowned for their pleats, did not manage to get those annoying creases out. Which was kinda sad really.

On a side note, they’re also extremely unflattering unless you’re a stick. Best to avoid altogether.

6. People are ruthless

Within the first two days I had experienced an (attempted) gift bag snatch, my seat was stolen and I was asked to please shift out of frame for a photo. Oh, and I also witnessed the events that birthed Bloggergate. Some people just need to chill out.

7. Don’t wear Gorman to a Gorman show

For Fashion Week, it’s etiquette to wear the designer who is showing that day. But I quickly learnt that’s risky business when it comes to Gorman. Everyone has a Gorman piece somewhere in their wardrobe, so to avoid a B**** Stole My Look moment, steer clear.

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