Proenza Schouler shoots campaign video with pregnant Liv Tyler, Chloë Sevigny

Legs are not doors.

Tune all your senses into Proenza Schouler’s campaign video for their Spring 2015 collection. 

Starring in the short film Legs Are Not Doors is Chloë Sevigny, her crackly distinctive voice chiming among a very pregnant Liv Tyler and a team of models.

As inexplicable as the title, they each take turns to speak in a uncohesive order on an unspecified topic that could be anything under the umbrella of womanhood to motherhood. The crew interjects each other with random phrases like, “though I do like how they fit in your hands like fruit” and “I jump in because the deserts really hot.” Riiighht.

But we do get a good look at what Proenza Schouler’s Spring collection is all about, through the sensual and almost provocative clip. It’s very much in the style of director, Hayley Weir, who often plays with the topic of unusual gender depiction in her work.  Electric blue tassels, warm orange snake skin, revealing crochet, red ribbing, laser cut leather and herringbone are all in what looks to be another amazing collection. 


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