A Muslim designer cast only immigrants in her NYFW show

*Claps uncontrollably*

It seems this year, New York Fashion Week is as much a political platform as a fashion event. Much of the industry has used both the runway and the streets outside, to voice opinions about the country’s current political state.

Most recently, Anniesa Hasibuan made her political stance clear. For her Fall 17 runway, the Muslim designer made the decision to cast only immigrant models.

The international lineup featured both green card holders and first- or second- generation Americans, all dressed in the Hasibuan’s conservative wear. Aiming to celebrate diversity, the collection consisted of mostly separates. It was a deliberate move, ensuring wearability for Western women who don’t adhere to conservative dress codes.

“For me, fashion is an open world. It should be providing opportunities for everybody. So we don’t differentiate people,” Hasibuan told Fashionista.

“Diversity is a beautiful value that everybody should embrace.”

“I’m here to show the world that Muslim women have a lot of potential. I have passion. I have hobbies. I have something that I love so much to do. And fashion is one of the ways to actually express myself,” she said.


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