A Zurich clothing brand has released a 100% biodegradable shirt

Right down to the buttons.

If you’re into sustainable fashion then Zurich brand, Freitag, is one to keep on your radar.

Freitag has a workwear line called F-ABRIC. It’s made from 100% compostable fibres including hemp, linen and modal.

The collection has t-shirts, longsleeve tees, men’s workpants and a women’s overall-style dress in a heap of colours. The chambray shirt is the newest addition to the collection and comes in blue, green and beige.

Made from 77% linen and 23% true hemp, the shirt comes in a boxier men’s cut and slim women’s fit. Even the buttons are compostable. They’re made from natural ivory nuts, which come from palm trees. The yarn is naturally coloured and is woven in Tuscany, Italy.

Not keen to recycle this piece soon though.


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