AMXANDER on the four new rules of men’s dressing

We’ve come a long way since the old suit and tie.

Men’s fashion has come a long way since the old suit and tie. 

Just ask the boys from AMXANDER. Described as an “elevated menswear project,” the label is pushing boundaries when it comes to men’s dressing and style. 

Jason Alexander Pang and Rong Jake Chen are the boys behind the label, and are clearly not ones to shy from contemporary design. They’ve been delivering an increasingly refined approach to streetwear since launching AMXANDER a few years ago. 

This year, the label will be joining the GQ Menswear Runway lineup as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. 

Ahead of the runway, we thought it fitting to ask Jason and Jake for their four new rules of men’s dressing. 

Forget matching your socks to your pocket square. This goes way beyond. 

Trend #1 – Outdoor uniforms

Where we’ve seen it: Christopher Shannon, Astrid Andersen, Craig Green, Cottweiler

Why it’s good: A solid balance between fashion and functionality.

How to wear it: So you want to dress comfortably, but still look presentable – this might be the solution. You might see a lot of sport/outdoor adventure-inspired silhouettes coming up, but we recommend you pay attention to the fabrics and textures of the pieces you choose. Select coach jackets or track pants that are made of material other than your usual polyester or lycra, for a more up-to-date look. Selecting the right shoes comes second. 

Trend #2 – Exaggerated drop shoulders and sleeves (‘over-sleeves’)

Where we’ve seen it: Vetements, Balenciaga

Why it’s good: It’s ‘fresh’. It gives the classic menswear silhouette a current update, a new spin on conventional styling. Normcore meets Athleisure, and has an oddly-shaped baby.

How to wear it: This trend is not for everyone, but it’s relaxed and effortless. Include a hoodie or tee with wide over-sleeves, paired with some cool sneakers, and you’re good to go. Or wear a top that’s three sizes up. 

Trend #3 – Denim on denim on denim

Where we’ve seen it: Yeezy Season 5, Gucci

Why it’s good: Because you just can’t go wrong with denim for men.

How to wear it: Head-to-toe denim in the same wash and hue, paired with a good pair of sneakers. If it’s a little too much for you, you can go lighter or darker (in the same colour) for your top or bottom. Easy.

Trend #4 – Patchwork, embroidery and textured statements

Where we’ve seen it: Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna

Why it’s good: A little romance never hurt nobody.

How to wear it: The maximalist approach to this trend may be the choice of peacockers (nothing wrong with that), but pairing your embroidered piece with basics balances out the look a bit more. Pay attention to the colour of the embroidery when pairing. 

The GQ Menswear Runway is taking place March 17 as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. More info and tickets available here.


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