Thrasher and H&M in legal battle over the magazine’s flame font


In the latest design infringement news, H&M is currently under fire for its TRIPPIN sweatshirt.

The black piece features the word ‘TRIPPIN’ stapled across the chest, in a very familiar font, seemingly replicated from Thrasher’s iconic flame logo.

Taking to Instagram earlier this week, the US skate magazine unashamedly posted an excerpt from H&M’s lawyers. And the retailer wholly denies the claims.

“To the extent your contention is that H&M used the word “trippin” to indicate the source of the Sweatshirt, that allegation is misplaced,” the response reads.

“H&M’s use of the word “trippin” is merely an ornamental or decorative feature on the Sweatshirt. Most purchases of the Sweatshirt would not automatically think the word “trippin” identified the source of the Sweatshirt, but instead would view the world “trippin” as merely decorative.

“Moreover, the words “tripping” and “Thrasher” and/or “Thrasher Magazine” do not sound alike nor look alike. While both words start with the letter “T” that is not enough to succeed on a likelihood of a confusion claim.”

Of course, the magazine has responded in classic Thrasher fashion, with the caption “FUCK OFF H&M.”


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