An American university has attempted to ban the man bun

I like big buns and I cannot lie.

Following the devastating news that man buns are potentially sending men into premature baldness, we didn’t think our hearts could take much more. But making news today is the one university in Idaho that is attempting to ban the bun for good.

According to the student newspaper titled The Scroll, Brighman Young University has declared that topknots are no longer allowed in the classroom. This is very dark day for man bun enthusiasts.

The school will take disciplinary action against those who pull their hair back, claiming it is a violation of the schools honour code. The code states that men’s hair should be “clean and neat, avoiding extreme styles of colours and trimmed above leaving the ear uncovered.”

“As part of the dress and grooming code, we commit to avoid extreme hairstyles” the student services and activities vice president, Kevin Miyasaki, told the paper. “A ‘man-bun’ would be considered not consistent with this standard”

What happened to the rights of a man to freely bun his hair as he pleases? What happened to the fundamentals of freedom that America is based on? These are the questions we want the answer to.

We are also praying this isn’t a trend that expands to our shores anytime soon. Long live the man bun. 

[Image via The Huffington Post]

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