An Northern Territory artist is painting Dreaming stories onto Louis Vuitton

The results are incredible.

Darwin-based artist, Tradara Briscoe, is marrying art and fashion in unexpected ways.  

The Anmatyerr artist paints Dreaming stories onto handbags and was recently commissioned to add her touch to a Louis Vuitton handbag. 

The Louis Vuitton Kimono tote was customised in a circular dot pattern, with honey ants complementing the red, yellow and beige tones in the artist’s design.  

Inspired by traditional Dreaming stories, Briscoe refers to her designs as “wearable art”. Her other works feature witchetty grubs, sunsets and bush tomatoes. In other words, nothing like you’ve ever seen before on handbags. 

Briscoe’s passion for art stems from her childhood. Growing up, her family would sell artwork to galleries, who would then re-sell the pieces at a much higher price. Even as a child, Briscoe felt this process was unjust and now aims to rectify this injustice in her own practice. 

In an effort to eliminate the middle man, Briscoe now produces and sells her own artwork online and at markets, with handbags fetching up to $550 each.  

Currently, Briscoe purchases bags from local retailers to customise, but talks of an overseas factory deal could see the rise her own line of handbags.  

The designer handbag paint job can only mean more good things to come. Louis Vuitton x Tradara Briscoe sounds like the making of a covetable collab, if you ask us. 


[Via ABC News]

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