I tried First Nations storytelling app Dreamy to improve my sleep health


Disconnecting to truly connect.

Instantly falling asleep has always been a fairly easy task for me. Anytime, anywhere, I’ve got it. Am I just perpetually tired or did I get lucky in this department? I’m guessing a bit of both. 

So when I heard of the new app Dreamy – a free collection of First Nations sleep stories to help you drift into dream and a peaceful night’s sleep – I was intrigued and eager to give it a try but almost sure I wasn’t going to need it to improve my sleep health. Oh, how I was wrong. 

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But first, a little background on the app. Created in collaboration with Common Ground – a First Nations-led not-for-profit elevating Indigenous history and culture – and Snapchat, the app recently launched at the beginning of September this year as a free mental health tool and platform for emerging First Nation storytellers. 

Storytelling is an 80,000-year-old oral tradition among First Nations people and the Dreamy app lets this be shared with others. It allows you to unplug from the real world and connect with Country through storytelling. 

Tucked into my cosy sheets, the first (and my favourite) story I listened to was ‘Journey to the Centre’ by Arrente and Jamaican artist Aurora Liddle-Christie. Aurora’s story is one of five on the app, each told by First Nations storytellers including poets, writers and actors. What followed was an immersive yet peaceful experience like nothing I have felt before.  

Sounds of the soft breeze, crickets chirping and water flowing began to fill my room as Aurora’s rich storytelling filled my ears. Without sounding too much like I’m on spiritual TikTok, I was able to connect with the trees she described and feel the red earth she spoke of, seeing the vivid images in my mind. 

While nestled in the comfort of my bed, my thoughts were transported to another land. I experienced the pleasant sensation of drifting in and out of sleep while somehow still being present and aware of the story that continued to unfold. 

As her tale revealed the experiences of First Nations people, their history and culture, I began to dive deeper into a state of relaxation – one without any internal chatter. It’s safe to say I slept like a baby that night. I was unaware that I could sleep with such a sense of calm. 

It’s not that I couldn’t sleep before using the app, but the impact of going to sleep with a quiet state of mind drastically improves the quality of your sleep. 

Not only did it help me improve my sleep health but it gave me an opportunity to connect with the roots of the land that we sleep and dream on. 

So whether you’re struggling with your sleep cycle, feeling anxious before going to bed or are a bit like me and sleep comes easy, Dreamy will make a difference. You’ll be set up for a peaceful snooze – something that is very much needed during this busy time of year.  

You can listen to the Dreamy stories for free here, as well as on Spotify and Apple podcasts. 

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