ASOS are playing a game on twitter. With you. Tonight.

Game on, ASOS.

Social media will get an upgrade tonight as ASOS releases its first live twitter game created specifically for the Australian market (and we’re loving the attention).

Based on the retailer’s previous game and its worldwide success (racking up 37,000 participants in 13 minutes), this exclusive version for Down Under will allow players to interact with the brand in real time; for reward of course.

With loads of prizes to be snatched up, make sure you’ve got your competitive spirit ready at 7pm on Monday Jan 19th (tonight).

For you gaming virgins, this competition ain’t chess: all you’ve got to do is tweet your preferred card to create a match and win. Simples. With loads of clothes, novelty gifts and vouchers (all delivered by Australia Day) waiting to be won- ASOS fans better get prepped for a fun night in.

Check mate. 

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