Opening Ceremony x Intel launch MICA

Wearable tech that we would actually wear.

Beauty or brains? Society everywhere seems to be realising the two are not mutually exclusive (see Elle Woods, Legally Blonde). And Intel (brains) and Opening Ceremony (beauty) have jumped aboard with their latest collaboration: MICA.

It’s tempting to judge this accessory by its cover; a wristband of water-snake skin, studded by pearls and precious stones sourced exotically across the globe, from Madagascar to Russia. Boasting an 18k gold coating and curved sapphire glass touchscreen display, this piece is the epitome of elegant.

But what does it do? Discrete messaging, calendar, and organisational alert systems enable the modern woman to stay in control. Never again should we miss a stiletto-toed step with this kind of innovation.

This is one accessory that will have the world saying, “I don’t know how she does it”.  But MICA does. 


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