At home with: Sister Studios

Home hangs with Emma and Alice.

How much do you know about the clothing you own? More specifically, how much do you know about the people who design it?

In our new series, At Home, we’re endeavouring to learn a little more about the people responsible for filling our wardrobes.

We went to Brunswick East to hang with mates Emma Cutri and Alice McIntosh, better known as the girls behind independent label, Sister Studios. 


In the morning I… snuggle my poodle Beanie and make a pot of coffee. Then I usually walk around my garden with my coffee and look at any new buds. 

My favourite smell is… the smell of fresh tomato sauce cooking on the stove. It reminds me of being back home on the farm.

I’m inspired by… the people around me that are working hard on their own creative projects. 

At the moment I’m reading… Monkey Grip by Helen Garner

What calms me most is… weaving, swimming in my neighbour’s pool and cooking. 

What I value most is… for education to be available to everyone.

I’m happiest when… I’m eating, dancing and on a tropical island.

I dress for… daily mood and inspiration. 

I feel safest when… I’m at home with my friends and family. 

I miss… La Paloma in Brunswick, the best roll you will ever eat. RIP.


My perfume is… made by my friend Sondrine Kehoe. We gave her an extractor for her birthday and she pulls oils from natural ingredients and made me a smoked cardamom and rose oil. 

The most special people in my life are… the ones I orientate my life around.

My favourite artist is… my boyfriend’s band, Shouse. They make live house music and collaborate with heaps of incredible Melbourne artists. 

My favourite book is… impossible to choose but I recently read The Bricks that Built the Houses by Kate Tempest, which felt relevant to my precarious generation. Also this really great 3D mushroom book our friend brought back from NYC.

I always wear… my Galaxy Now T-shirt (Oscar Key Sung’s parents’ ’90s label).

My best friend is… my cat Dusty and Emma’s dog Beanie.

Mum always said… “chuck it in a smoothie.”

My nail colour is… big red.

I feel best when… I make things, have rich conversations and am in nature.

I want… our beautiful earth to be looked after.

I value… empathy. 


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