Australian schools can now add feminism to the curriculum

Who run the world?

In 2013 a teacher at Melbourne’s Fitzroy High School, along with a group of students, founded a lunchtime group called Fightback. The feminist collective was a space where students could go to vent their issues and discuss feminism.

And because this issue is a super important one, this year the group has started a successful Kickstarter campaign, to fund a feminist resource kit for teachers.

On November 26, Fightback’s feminist curriculum will be made available to all Victorian schools. The program will correlate with existing curricula and work as an aid for any teachers looking to oversee gender discussions in their classrooms.

Topics covered in the 30-lesson kit include objectification, domestic violence and how it is tied to gender (in)equality, media representations of gender, statistical breakdowns around the pay gap and female visibility in sport. We are sooooo on board.

Founder Briony will also be embarking on a state-wide tour this month to encourage other schools to offer the course.

You go gals. 


[Via Vice]

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