Bailey Nelson has released a shiny new collection made out of titanium

Not-so-heavy metal.

A certain 2011 song with David Guetta and Sia might come to mind when we think of titanium, but Bailey Nelson is bringing metal back for 2016. 

The Titanium Collection 2016 features eyewear handcrafted with Japanese beta titanium. Said to be costly and hard to work with, the brand has succeeded in producing eyewear that doesn’t feel like metal on your face. 

The frames are lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant and 0.8mm thick. Apparently all good things when it comes to eyewear.

Bailey Nelson have designed a clever business model that removes unnecessary steps in the supply chain to offer the Titanium eyewear at $295 a piece. Designed in Surry Hills, it’s an Aussie brand delivering quality goods at a reasonable price. 

They also offer free express shipping on all online orders.

It’s time to treat your eyes.


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