Beloved Melbourne label Arnsdorf has returned with an ethical approach

Bigger and better.

Sydney Fashion Week seems to be full of surprises this year. And one of those surprises is the relaunch of Arnsdorf.

Created by Jade Sarita Arnott back in 2006, the label took a snooze a couple years ago and left a hole in our hearts.

Lucky for us, the brand has returned this year with a new drive and a new approach.

Arnott has spent the past 12 months working to create what she calls “modern archetypal clothing for women of style and purpose.”

Everything from design to manufacturing now takes place in a factory in Collingwood, with the label no longer pushing out seasonal collections. Instead, the brand has eschewed the wholesale model altogether and is introducing ‘releases’ that will be made available online every 8-10 weeks. It’s similar to the approach that Chorus currently takes, releasing new ‘editions‘ each month.

Another big part of Arnsdorf’s relaunch is its newfound commitment to transparency. The label is providing full information on the source of all fabrics and materials, as well as disclosing the cost of production for each item.

“I want to know that the products I’m consuming today won’t cause me harm, but also that they haven’t caused any harm to anybody else. Arnsdorf is an extension of this attitude. I want the women who wear our garments to know that, so we’ve put transparency at the centre of our design process,” said Arnott of the new approach.

Jump online to check out the label’s first release.


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